Questions often asked

  • Before the booking
  • How do I pay?
    The payment is supposed to be done in advance online. Here is available method of payment below.

    Method of payment

    • Paypal
    • Overseas remittance
  • I want the photo session with wearing Japanese traditional Kimono. Do you have any suggestion or help me make a booking?
    Kimono is not included in the service, so please make a booking with Kimono shop for yourself. We can also suggest good Kimono shop if you want.
  • What time on the day is the best for photo session?
    We would say in the morning time with less crowd, or the sunset time in golden hour light.
    The sunset time would differ depending on the season, so please freely ask us.
  • Can we suggest our preferable location to photo session?
    Of course you can! We will accommodate the photo session along with your preferable. But please understand that some spots such as Japanese garden, inside of a shrine, temple would not allow us to enter with a photographer, or they require special permission. So we need to check in advance.
  • During the photo session
  • How long do we walk in the session?
    We usually move spot to spot by walk, so it would be an hour or hour and half.
  • Is transportation fee included in the fee??
    No, it’s not included. So please pay transportation fee for yourself when you want the photo session in more than 2 different spots that we need to take train or taxi to move each spot.
  • Could we have some rest and have lunch or snacks when we hungry??
    Of course yes! But the time for the rest and lunch are also included in the photo session time, so please ask for photographer first.
  • After the photo session
  • How do we receive the photos?
    We will send the photos by “Wetransfer” that is such like file sending app.
  • When do I receive photos?
    We will send the photos by “Wetransfer” within few days after the photo session.
  • Could we suggest the Edit Style of photos?
    If you have prefer edit style of photo, (for example, more blight, less contrast, more bluish) please freely ask the photographer. We will fix in post-processing as much as we could.
  • Change the date and Cancellation Policy
  • When is the limit of changing date?
    If you had any change your travel plan and had to change the date of photo session, please let us know as soon as possible. We would re-accommodate the alternative date for the photo shoot. But please understand that if there were no photographers available, we could not arrange the tour and it would be canceled.
  • What is the cancellation policy?
    Since the photographer’s schedule are so tight in every specific season, if you are thinking about cancellation, we would like you to make cancellation as early as possible in any reason. Cancellation fee would be charged as below:

    The cancellation fee

    • 1 month before: Free
    • Less than 1 month – 3 weeks before: 20% of the session fee
    • Less than 3 weeks – 2 weeks before: 30% of the session fee
    • Less than 2 weeks – 1 weeks before: 40% of the session fee
    • Less than 1 week – 3 days before: 50% of the session fee
    • Less than 2 days or no notification: 100% of the session fee
  • Cancellation because of the bad weather
    When you found that the weather would not good in advance, you can change the date or cancel the session without any fee. We would also contact you when we found out the weather would not good and suggest the alternative date. And some photographers are very good at taking beautiful photos even on rainy day. So please discuss the plan with us first.
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