How it works

How it works

Let’s send the inquiry with your preferable date, city, and the type of the photo session.
You can ask us any kinds of demands that related with photography tour. For example, ” I want to do photo session super early morning to avoid the crowd”, “I’m planing to set private photo session in beautiful Kimono, would you give us the suggestion?”, “We are planing of photo session in both regular cloth and Japanese Kimono. How long session should we book??”. We will arrange the photo session according to your preference as much as we can.
※Here is the list of questions we often asked. These should also help you.

When you decide the date, location, and the type of the photo session, let’s set the meeting spot with photographer!
The photographer also will contact you to let you know the cloth that he will be wearing on the day of the meeting, so that you can easily recognize him.

Make a deposit.
To complete your booking, we would like you to pay the half fee via PayPal as a deposit, and pay the balance by the cash on the day.

Now it’s the time to do photo session!
Our photographers are all easygoing, welcoming, talkative, informative, and of course passionate for photography! They will also suggest the location, pose, the eye direction. And if you have your preferable location, pose, please freely tell him.

The high quality photos will be sent to your Email address within 48h after the session!


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